Form 990’s

Our obligation is to be completely transparent to our donors. We strive to utilize our donors dollars to serve the mission of our organization.  We review expenditures for ancillary purposes such as management and fund raising on a regular basis to ensure that the cost of these activities does not outweigh the benefit.  Currently, no individual takes any salary from the organization – we are all volunteers. We strive to ensure that at least 75% of each dollar received by our organization goes to our primary purpose of helping impoverished children and their caregivers.

We are a tax exempt organization under code section 501(c)(3) as determined by the Internal Revenue Service.  This means all donations to this ministry are deductible for federal tax purposes (as allowed by law) when preparing your personal and business income tax returns.  Click here to view our determination letter from the IRS.

We will file the Federal Form 990 (non-profit income tax return) at the end of each of our fiscal years.  The Federal Form 990 gives detail relative to where our monies have been spent.  Click the year below to view our Form 990.

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