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We are a non-profit United States ministry established in 2007, which partners with our Kenyan sister organization, Caring for Kenya’s Kids (C4KK), to provide basic necessities for the people of Kenya.  We believe through these actions people will see hope which will ultimately lead them to the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Below are examples of what is happening in Kenya through this ministry.  These outreaches are run by local Kenyans to empower them in reaching out to their local communities.  Your faithful contribution will help change the lives of many and your financial support is necessary for the work in Kenya to continue.


Food Distribution Programs




These grandmothers, whose age range is 85-115, are taking on responsibility of their grandchildren whose parents have either died (most from HIV/AIDS) or abandoned them.




Jiggers are a sand flea which left untreated will eventually lead to amputation of the appendage affected and to a variety of diseases even death,

Jigger Treatments

HIV/AIDs Hospice




We provide medication, housing and food for HIV/AIDS victims and bring comfort to them in their last hours on earth knowing someone cares for them (not only us but our Lord and Savior, Jesus).




Assistance for orphans and their caregivers may include purchasing beds to get children off the dirt floor and into the first bed they have ever seen, fixing home roofs (10x10 structures) and much more.

Orphan/Caregiver Assistance

Education Assistance




The need for children to continue their education is vital in Kenya and we work with many children to help keep them in school.  Your support will help pay school fees (education is not free in Kenya), purchase mandatory uniforms and school supplies (such as books, paper, pens,etc.) and other necessities (such as toilet paper, mattress, etc.).




Another area of need is what we refer to as the John 10:10 Church (the church’s theme verse).  We have affiliated with “Revival Worship Church” in Luanda and Joska Kenya.  The church is a Bible believing church with a heart for the lost and impoverished.

Revival Worship Church

Missionary Support




We have missionaries who live in Kenya several months out of the year to oversee the ministry and the related outreaches.  Donations to Missionary Support allows our missionaries to continue to live in Kenya and come back to the States to present the progress and needs to our U.S. friends.

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Please consider becoming a monthly supporter and partner with us as we continue to show the love of Jesus Christ to our neighbors in Kenya.

Please watch the Blog for more and up-to-date information.

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