You can find out more about Chuck and Tammy McDonald’s personal journey and how this ministry began by reading a 15 part blog post series by clicking here.

Who is Saved By God’s Grace

Technically we are a corporation granted non-profit status by the State of Arizona.  From the heart we are a group of individuals who believe no child should suffer from the lack of food, clothing, shelter, clean water, education or healthcare.  Furthermore and most importantly, we believe when a child does suffer from one or more of the aforementioned conditions it will be difficult for them to understand there exists a God which loves them.  We believe that by working together to provide these basic necessities of life children and their caregivers will be able to see God’s Grace through people they have never met.  We also believe no child should die simply because of a lack of a basic necessity.  We know that people all over the globe want to help alleviate this type of pain for a child, a mother, a father or caregiver, they simply need the outlet to do so.  Saved By God’s Grace is providing such an outlet.

What does Saved By God’s Grace do?

WE ARE ADVOCATES FOR THE IMPOVERISHED CHILD and provide ways people can get involved. True poverty can be seen mainly outside the United States.  Millions of children die each year from preventable causes.  In addition, most of these children living in poverty go about each day questioning if anyone cares about them.  Mother Theresa has said “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.”  We perform “hands-on”, showing people God Loves Them by letting them know someone cares and is willing to help.  We believe once a child’s belly is full, he/she is being taken care of with medical attention and there is a roof over their head and education available, they can see God in action and know that He will be with them no matter what the situation they find themselves in. 

What do we have in mind?

TO GET YOU INVOLVED in eliminating the poverty Mother Theresa speaks about above. It is not only the financial aspect that is needed, but a change of heart. We must care for children in poverty so they will know they are loved.  They in turn will pass on that heritage of helping those less fortunate and slowly end the poverty cycle.  Make helping part of your everyday life.

How does child poverty affect me?

POVERTY AFFECTS THE FUTURE OF US ALL because it is a social and moral concern. A people who watch the future generation die do not have much of a future.  Financial poverty is a leading cause of crime, poverty of being unloved leads children to gang violence and internationally, poverty sends 25,000 – 30,000 children a day to their deaths (1 every 3.5 seconds). These children could be the ones who find the cure to the cancer that is attacking your father or mother, cure AIDS which has your friend dying or brings peace to a war-torn country. Poverty affects us all!

What can I do?

BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN BLESSED to be able to help, please consider doing so. Pray that God will intervene in this affliction.  Consider using your time for any of the poverty fighting causes above.  Donate on a regular basis to help our cause.  Each of us has something we can give. Make it part of your lifestyle. God will take whatever you can give and multiply it many times over!


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