Saved by God’s Grace was formed to help meet the needs of individuals and organizations who provide food, shelter, clothing, medical aid and education to impoverished children and/or their families. 

 We seek out individuals and organizations primarily in the country of Kenya who truly need assistance to provide for children who, without such assistance, would live empty lives or possibly no life at all. 

 The individuals and organizations served include churches, orphanages, schools, abandoned children centers, single parents, villages and any other person or entity which needs assistance reaching out to impoverished children and/or their families.

 We believe by ensuring the basic needs in a child’s life are met, we are answering the call of God to help those that cannot help themselves and, in doing so, allow the child and their caregiver to experience God’s Grace.



Our vision is that all children will have the opportunity to realize God’s Grace and enjoy an abundant life through Christ.  Our hope is that all individuals and organizations that participate with us in enabling this to occur will find the satisfaction, contentment, joy and blessings which come from giving aid to those in need and seeing God’s work in and through their lives. 




God will reign supreme in determining our course of action.  We will walk through doors He opens and allow the doors He closes to remain shut.  We will seek His guidance in all areas of concern and move in that direction. 

 Jesus is the example of true, steadfast leadership and we will follow Him.  We believe that He is the ultimate role model for leadership.  By embracing His example, the organization, its associates and those that are being helped will be inspired to carry out the mission of Saved By God’s Grace.

 Saved By God’s Grace’s mission comes before the good of the individuals and partners working with the organization.  By adhering to this tenet we will stay true to the Spirit which drew us together and will not be misguided in our course of action.

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