Watch this clip from CNN and then hear our story:

Not a pretty way to start a blog right?  But truth is truth and must be brought into the light (and by God’s grace this practice will stop).

Yesterday our social worker, Peter, received a call from one of our girls saying she has been in hiding during the school holiday (month of August).  She has moved from house to house in fear of her family finding her.  She’s scared to return to school because they’ve told her they will come for her….why?  Her family is insisting she participate in FGM (female genital mutilation) and she refuses.

My first question in hearing this was, “what century are we living in?”  For this to even be in the minds of people during this day and age completely boggles my mind.

We are working on a solution to keep this girl safe. If you feel led to help with some of the expenses involved with this (transportation, housing, etc.) please visit our Donate page.  Choose “Benevolence Fund” in the allocation drop down box and write “stop FGM” in the comment section.

There are more details I would like to share but do not want her story to bring her more harm since we are not in possession of the child yet.  Please pray for this situation as we move forward in God’s will and by His grace.

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