As you can see I didn’t get a blog post out yesterday….I’ll tell you about yesterday tomorrow 🙂 We had a few mishaps on the way to Joseck’s but we made it safely with a few highlights…tomorrow.

Today we did our first jigger program with our visitors (Daren and Ryan).  Needless to say it was tiring physically, mentally and emotionally.  I’ll basically have photos with captions because honestly I could write a book for each picture and I don’t want to lose you in the process….even reading about the poverty and suffering can leave you tired.

These are also not in any special order:


Chuck works on a little girl, luckily we had sweets to calm them 🙂


As you can see Daren gave his hat to a little one. I gave him mine so that bald head wouldn’t get burned!


Daren and Ryan work side by side with other volunteers along with Joseck and Chuck.


Ryan washes Agnes’ feet before treatment


I knew my utility knife would come in handy!


Daren and Alan (Joseck’s son) work on this little guy and had a great conversation too.


The crowd (before many more children showed up)


Daren listens intently even though he doesn’t understand Swahili….he looked everyone in the eye giving them the dignity they deserve.

Jigger-program-(59)Daren’s first case was severe but he helped a young boy feel loved.


This is what untreated jiggers can do….this elderly man has no toes on either foot and the jiggers are slowly making their way up his leg.  We will have the doctor look at this case to see if amputation may be in order.


Daren worked tirelessly on his first case but did a fantastic job for his first time


This boy had jiggers covering most of the bottom of his foot.


Ryan cuts and scrapes hands and feet just enough to expose the jiggers and their eggs.


As this little man was worked on by Daren he put up such a strong front.

This video shows another aspect of what we had to deal with today.  Notice in the bottom left corner, near the shadow the squirming parasite?  This water was fetched from the community water source.  People use this water for drinking, cooking and many other daily necessities.  So before treating the jiggers we had to treat the water.

I’m so proud to call these guys my friends and pastors from my home church in Phoenix, Arizona (Desert Breeze Community Church).  They stepped right in doing anything and everything needed to show Christ’s love to those suffering on this side of the globe.



You have to keep some form of sillyness in order to get through what these guys went through today.


Just one of many adorable faces we saw today.


Being the hands and feet of Jesus today to many afflicted with jiggers.

I know Daren and Ryan are experiencing things they have never seen before and will continue to see throughout their stay here in Kenya. Your prayers are needed as they attempt to process all they encounter.

Our prayer is God is glorified with each touch, each look in the eye and each attentive ear we offer our brothers, sisters and children we come into contact with.

Tomorrow we attend Revival Worship Church (the John 10:10 church) with lunch afterwards and a meeting with the pastors and leaders of the church.  Your prayers for God’s direction is appreciated.

Finally…if you’d like to be a part of programs like what you’ve seen here, please go to our Donate page and become a monthly supporter.  We can only do with what God provides through you and every little bit helps.

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