Whoa, what a day!  We went to Ebusiralo Primary School to do jigger treatments and treated 48 people.  When people hear of a “jigger program” they figure a doctor will be there and therefore come with other ailments.  Dr. Raphael was with us today and did some diagnostic work as well as jigger treatments…thanks Doc!

I would also like to thank Prisca and Purity for helping today.  Prisca is a retired nurse and was a big help with her gentle hands and spirit and Purity just got to work treating jiggers…thank you both for you commitment and assistance for this jigger program.

We wrapped up treatments around 12 but more kept coming through the gates so we finally got home around 3.  Many were treated but some we were not able to do anything about (one woman had her shin bone sticking out).  Another reason we need a hospital facility in this area.

Ok, I won’t write much more but just show you the day in pictures.


This is the woman with the bone sticking out.  She was kicked by a cow and had no money to go to the hospital.  Dr. Raph says she’ll need extensive surgery (which we do not have the funds for) to get rid of the dead bone and graft others to the living bone.  What was amazing was she walked to the program!


Water is a necessity for treating jiggers so we had the kids fetch basins and basins of water.


Rosemary always encourages the kids and gathers a crowd.


Rosemary also encouraged some of the parents (the principal told us this was a very small turnout).




Deanna and Prisca worked on a few cases together.



This man came for jigger treatment but also received treatment for a large wound on his leg.




We keep track of all the kids who are treated in case they need any follow up.


This looks like a very important meeting!



Joseck washes the kids’ shoes after they are treated to kill any existing eggs or insects on the shoes.


A local news program was on site and interviewed Joseck, Dr. Raph and Chuck….maybe the government will take notice of what needs to be done!





Meeting the principal before treatments began.




Alright, here is some info for you on Kenya’s “free education”.  This table was in the principals office and shows how much the government paid this particular school in 2015.  The total is 346,422/- ksh (which is approximately $3,400) and this is for the entire year to pay for text books, night watchman and cook – teacher’s salaries are paid from another source.

With these numbers it comes out to about $6.90 per student for the year.  Many parents then are upset with the school when they ask for additional charges from them, but the school cannot teach appropriately without resources.  The principal told us one textbook could cost 1000/- ksh ($10).  How are they to pay for all those textbooks when the government barely covers one?  This school has 500 students with only 11 teachers (that’s 45 students per teacher).

Now ask me if Kenya has free education?  It’s such a sad statement that a government does not take the education of it’s children as a priority.


I think we are done for the day and I think everyone kind of needs a break for a bit.  It’s emotionally draining to see so many desperate cases and some we can’t do anything about.  One little boy was being treated for jiggers and when he went to leave someone said he should have shoes.  I turned to him and said “yes he should, can you go buy him shoes?”  The solution sounds so simple but as with most projects, funds are needed to do any type of work.

Yes, I’m asking again if you would prayerfully consider becoming a donor to Saved By God’s Grace.  It’s really quite simple…go to our Donate Page and you can begin your partnership with us right now!

God bless you for whatever you can do for this ministry, our kids, family and communities here in Kenya.

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