Today was our final jigger treatment…for us, not for Joseck.  We will be heading back tomorrow to the mission home so you may not hear from me until Friday or Saturday.  We would appreciate your prayers for safe travels too, thanks.

We arrived at Ekumaji Primary School where we saw a beautiful new building being constructed.  You can see the existing building on the left compared to the new one.


First thing was to have the kids fetch water….as usual.



With the kids it went pretty smoothly and we also had a couple of adults join the crowd…remember I told you yesterday when people hear of a jigger program they assume a doctor will be there.  Unfortunately the doctor was held up by a traffic issue….the traffic and safety commission was stopping vehicles and if the passengers didn’t have seat belts on they were arrested.  Yes, the passengers are arrested.  So the doctor didn’t make it to the program.  Anyway, without the doctor we did what we could for the kids and adults but one child really needed to be looked at for his fever…please keep him in prayer for healing by Jesus’ mighty Hand.

After treatment we soak the kids’ shoes in the same solution.



Rosemary, as usual, draws a crowd!






The kids did so well.  First they have to wash their feet and then sit with their feet (and hands if needed) in the solution for about 20 minutes.  Once the 20 minutes is over they air dry, soak their shoes and are sent back to class with a sweet 🙂


Both grandmothers who were treated were given necklaces and just before we left one of those grandma’s came back with a gift of two eggs.  I always feel uncomfortable accepting such a gift because I know two eggs are precious to her but I also know they love to show their appreciation and I would not want to dishonor her by refusing.


The rest of the day was spent resting, hitting the market for a bit and visiting with family who stopped at Joseck’s.

As I sit here typing and listening to the rain fall I know it’s been an emotional ride this past week or so but I’m so blessed to be a small part of what’s happening in this community.  Please keep Joseck and the C4KK Outreach team in your prayers as they continue the work set before them.

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