We are attempting to bring awareness and education to the wide scale problem of jiggers so fewer and fewer children and adults will be affected by them.  To help with this both funds and exposure are needed and the following is doing both…thank you!

The Jigger Removal fundraiser is still on going.  We are at $406 of the $1000 goal!  Thank you for supporting this cause and if you’d like to help please click on the link in the right sidebar (or here) to donate.

While we were in Luanda, Kenya doing jigger treatments a local news team came to one of the sites and interviewed Joseck (chairman of C4KK), Dr. Raphael and Chuck.  This was then broadcast on several local news stations and we pray this brings much needed attention to the menace of jiggers.

For our American friends, sorry it’s in Swahili but for those who can speak the language here it is:

They also had a write up (following is an excerpt):

Jiggers menace
Bungoma, Wednesday, September 14, 2016 by Nathan Ochunge
Two dead, hundreds drop out of schools as jiggers menace hits Vihiga County
At least two people have been reported dead and hundreds of pupils dropping out of school as a result of being infected with jiggers in Vihiga County.
[Joseck] Ang’ana said that they have treated over 700 pupils with jiggers but the problem keeps on recurring after treatment, adding that poverty and poor hygiene is a major challenge to their anti-jigger campaign.
He also said that they have been erecting houses and stock them with new household goods in some homes that have been adversely affected by the jiggers menace and more so ensures that their a steady supply of food and that such efforts have been fruitful.
Ang’ana told the press that they also rescued a 38 years old woman from Ebwiranyi village who had been paralysed for eight years after being infected with jiggers, saying that her husband abandoned their matrimonial home and married another woman and that the woman is now recuperating.
Caring for Kenya’s Kids CEO Charles McDonald said that a big percentage of the pupils who have been affected by the jigger menace are those who live with their grandparent, adding that their biological parents have absconded their duties.
McDonald added that since the inception of the program in Vihiga County two years ago, poverty and ignorance from the parents to the affected kids has been a major challenge in getting rid of jiggers in the area.
Ebusiralo primary School head teacher Margaret Asiko said that she is worried that this year’s candidate’s won’t post good results since a half of the class is affected with jiggers and revealed that in the 2013 KCPE results were ranked bottom last in the county courtesy of the jigger menace.
Asiko asked the County and National governments respectively to help them in cementing the floors of their classrooms that are in dilapidated conditions, saying that the dusty classrooms are also breeding grounds for jiggers.
Ebusiralo primary School Board of Management chair Bernard Anemba told the press that some parents to the kids have the perception that there kids were cursed with the jigger menace and hence do nothing at seeing to it that the pupils are not affected with the jiggers.  He also said that most parents are ever drunk and that they have no time to look after the hygienic standards of their respective homes is maintained.
We appreciate your partnership with us as we continue treating those affected by jiggers along with our other outreaches throughout Kenya.

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