Saved By God’s Grace is helping to keep doors from being shut on young children.

Every day we are made aware of several situations where assistance is needed.  Sometimes these circumstances are urgent while other times it’s not so urgent (when dealing with daily basic needs it’s all pretty much a “help now” situation).

This story is not a made up story to tug at your heart strings, but a real situation, one which occurs all too often.

A couple of young girls are being assisted through our outreach (C4KK) with school fees and materials.  Even with the difficulties they face, they are doing well in school.  They are considered “child head of household” and struggle to put food on the table, buy clothes, pay rent, etc .all while continuing to go to school.  They had fallen behind in rent and even though we were able to catch up 4 months of rent, the landlord wanted the entire 6 months arrears paid in full.  The landlord told the eldest girl he would be nice to them if she agrees to sleep with him.  When she refused he got angry and locked them out of the house.  Our outreach partner, Ben, was able to find them accommodation for the night while he looked for other alternatives.  Thankfully we received funds from our generous donors and their rent was paid!

As I mentioned, this is not a “one time situation” and with your continued assistance we can help more children like these with house rent, school fees, supplies, food, medicine and in the process, show them the love of God.

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