Recently we had visitors from Luanda and their company was an encouragement for us here at C4KK.  Bishop Oyugi and his wife, Prisca, were here for a couple of days and Joseck was also with them but he’s still here 🙂

We had meetings, meals and chats together and I am blessed to call them friends…although I won’t climb the water tower with Bishop!



Ben had a meeting with some of the elderly living in the community.  We don’t see much PDA’s (public displays of affection) here in Kenya so this photo really touched my heart.

Grandma Pauline’s home (she is standing in the doorway of her new home) is complete and the building to the left in the photo is her new kitchen being constructed, along with a bathroom (not pictured).  She is so excited and thanking God for her safe and secure shelter.

Thank you for your continued support of Saved By God’s Grace and please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter.  With your assistance we can continue to help more and more individuals.  God bless!

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