Today Grandma Pauline sat in her new home, even without the walls up, and watched the door and window installation.


As work was being done and since it was Saturday the kids were around and honestly quite helpful!

In this video you can see that kids will be kids…they hid behind grandma’s current living space (the rest of it was mud and collapsed) and shared some juice.  Apparently mom didn’t want them to have it because you can see them trying to stay out of mom’s sight!  Plus you can hear in the background the drums being played at a neighbors and I loved this little girls rhythm, even with a baby on her back!

We had a slight disagreement with the fundi (craftsman) but that was worked out and we headed for home hoping to miss the jam…no such luck!  This road is supposed to be one lane each way but as you can see, they’ve turned it into three lanes and created a big mess.


We finally made it home safely…it only took an hour and 45 minutes to drive 25 miles!

I know grandma is excited to be in her new home and if all goes well the home should be complete by Tuesday of next week. This project ran about $200 over budget so if anyone can help with that it would be appreciated.  Our thanks to those who helped get this project started and please consider becoming a monthly contributor to Saved By God’s Grace (if you aren’t already).  With your help we can do more of these projects plus all the other outreaches we do here in Kenya.

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