As I sit here I’m wondering what exactly to show you.  I read through our outreach updates and see hurting, suffering and lonely people.  I’m on the verge of tears at every picture and feel my heart break just a bit more with each word.

The needs are more than we could ever hope to overcome but then I look a bit closer and I see hope.

Ben gives hope to those living with and affected by AIDS/HIV.  Children smile when he’s around and simply want to hold his  hand.  He encourages young people to continue with school and helps with school fees and even helps pay rent when children are locked out of their homes.


Joseck visits people who have been abandoned due to jiggers (many believe it is a curse and refuse to help).  He visits primary schools and offers his time and attention to treating jiggers.  His team of volunteers continue to help build roofs and homes.


Peter shows love to the many students we work with through teaching them to have a good, moral character.  His compassion flows to those around him and his heart aches for the orphaned and vulnerable children we are able to assist.


Faith loves on grandmothers, prepares a meal for them and offers her time to them.  Her Bible teaching fills the tent with God’s love and these elderly grandma’s, some who have walked hours to be here, are filled with hope.


I see joy in grandma’s eyes as she helps with the foundation of her new home.


I see the self sacrifice of a young lady to come out and help fetch water for a construction project.  She has no connection to this family yet she organized members of the family to carry water and did it all with a smile on her face.


And I’m reminded by a friend that children are smiling and happy because of what’s being done for them through Saved By God’s Grace and our wonderful donors.


Thank you for continuing to give hope to the hopeless, joy to the downtrodden, love to the depressed, health to the sick and clothes for the naked.  Be blessed my friends!

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