I know I’ve said before how strong Kenyan women are and it seems the older they get the more beautiful their faces!  They show the lines of hard work, the struggles of carrying water and the desires of caring for their families.  All of us here at Saved By God’s Grace use the resources you so sacrificially give to come alongside these beautiful, strong women to help them with their responsibilities.

The grandmothers food program (more info here) continues to not only feed these women and their grandchildren with physical food but also give them spiritual support as well.  They come together once a month….this is something we would love to increase when funding is available…to have a hot meal, receive a bit of food to take home and hear Biblical teaching from Faith, the founder of this outreach.

As we head into this season of thanksgiving, spending time with family around a table filled with food, please remember those who do not have.  Please say a prayer of gratitude for what God has blessed you with and we ask for your prayers for this ministry and the people we serve.

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