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Medical, school, water, food, housing and much more are areas where we assist those who are without hope.  We also give them the opportunity to see and accept the love of Jesus through our outreach team members.  Your support helps us bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth and we thank you.





Another water project, which is located at Revival Worship Church, recently received the last of the funding (thank you donor) so that project will be completed soon.  This too will provide a clean water source for people in that location.

One of the water projects in Luanda is providing much needed clean water for residents.  This is a blessing to many who otherwise would have to use water from animal drinking spots or other unclean sources.

Luanda township is expanding but without running clean water. Daily we supply clean water at 5 kenya shillings for a 20 litre plastic can to vendors who resell @15 shillings. Before we put up this water project,families used to fetch water from streams and rivers that are contaminated. To God be the glory!

A recipient of the water expresses her appreciation…

yah .its true .thanx for ur warm heart .we are part the beneficiaries.thanx so much

Praise God for this gift of clean water!

Below you will see the newest Revival Worship Church being held on the C4KK compound in Joska, Kenya.  What a blessing to have a wonderful group of Christian brothers and sisters to go out into the community to tell others about Jesus and have the first church service on the compound!  Thank you to everyone who was involved with making this happen and may God receive all the glory!

We had to say goodbye to Alice.  Our friend, Joseck, told us

“Alice,the street gospel entertainer….many thought she was crazy but the few moments I spent with her,was a preparation for her eternal life.”

We thank God for our outreach team members who have a heart for serving and telling others about Jesus so more can come to know of His abounding love for each of us.

All of us here at Saved By God’s Grace and Caring for Kenya’s Kids wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for all you have helped us accomplish by God’s grace.  Our prayer is the new year will be filled with His love and direction not only for this ministry, but for us all.

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