Are you interested in impacting a child’s life?  Education is a major concern for kids in Kenya.  Although the government says primary education is free, we continually have to pay various “fees” for primary students to stay in school.  Secondary education is another concern altogether.  High school is NOT free and the fees are substantially higher.  Because of this many students do not go on to secondary.  Even though we have bright, talented students they can not complete their education because of money.

We have one student who is set to begin high school this month.  He lived with us at the children’s home and has shown himself to be a bright student.  He completed primary (with the help from a generous donor) and was invited to a secondary school but because of the increase in fees we are looking for someone to come alongside this donor at $40/month, which will go towards keeping him in secondary school.

We are also seeking assistance for his shopping needs.  When a student begins high school they go with nothing and need everything….mattress, foot locker, school uniform, text books, toilet paper and all the items needed to live at school (both personal and school items).  The shopping is $400 to outfit him for school.

If you’d like to help on a monthly basis or if you are able to help with his shopping please visit our Donate page and choose “Child Education” from the allocation drop down box.  In the comment section please write “Francis”.

Thank you for any and all help you can give.

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