Jiggers have no preference on who they infest. They don’t care how young or old their “host” is.  Their debilitating span covers any one living in poverty.


These youngsters are too young to be fighting this horrible menace and yet here they are.  Their father died last year in an accident and mom is also infested with jiggers and therefore the neighbors, clan and family have shunned her. No one around her will offer any assistance….”she is stigmatized.”



Sarah is only six months old and already ravaged by jiggers.

This is the only mattress they own.


Her clansman (extended family) took away all of her belongings after the husband died in order to make her leave but this is where she was born and wants to stay.




This is the room where all three children and mom sleep.

Please help us expand our jigger removal programs, along with our other outreach programs throughout Kenya (food programs, HIV/AIDS assistance, education, housing and much more) by becoming a monthly supporter of Saved By God’s Grace.

By God’s Grace, and through your support, we continue fighting this terrible affliction even while doctors and nurses are on strike.

Thank you for any help you can give and your prayers.

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