Saved By God’s Grace has the privilege of seeing what life is like for many in Kenya.  Part of my responsibility is portraying that to you.

Bare, dirt floors.

Small fire in the corner for cooking and warmth.

Plastic jug to hold the days supply of water.

A young girl drops out at 5th grade to have a baby, then another a year or so later.

Her mom died of an illness, leaving her to take care of her small family alone.

She cooks what little food she can get for them.

No bed or mattress to sleep on, only the rags on the floor.

The walls are lined with bush material.

Rain falls through the holes in the tin roof.

Floors get muddy yet that is the only place to sleep.


Yet we also see what a blessing you are and can be to orphans and widows.  Thank you.

A home is built for a young orphaned boy.

Even through the drought, people are getting water from one of two wells Saved By God’s Grace helped put down.

The community in Kenya continues to get involved.  A friend of our sister ministry in Kenya (Caring for Kenya’s Kids) coordinated for this little girl to be seen by a skin specialist.

Please continue to keep our team members in prayer.  Many are overwhelmed with requests for assistance.  They want to help everyone and feel the pain of turning them away when funds are simply not available.  Your monthly support would be greatly appreciated (if you are already a supporter…thank you!) and help us reach more people.  Our assistance not only provides for an immediate need, but also shows them what the love of Jesus looks like.

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