Do you ever feel like you want to change the world?  There is so much pain and suffering that I would love to simply wave a magic wand and lessen the pain for millions.  But alas that is not how life works.  Alleviation of suffering occurs, in my humble opinion, one person at a time.  Isn’t that a bit easier to confront…one instead of the world?

That’s exactly what Saved By God’s Grace is doing in Kenya Africa.  One child is sent to school, bringing a smile to their face and a sense of hope for their future.  One grandmother is given food, allowing her another day of providing a meal for her grandchildren.  One child head of household is given a new home, giving them a sense of security and stability.

Doesn’t it make sense to help the one?  By loving them through providing a basic need they see hope and are able to see how very much God loves them by that provision.

Edward represents “one”.  He’s a smart, shy young man who continues to see God’s grace on his life.  We first met Edward in 2011 when he was literally dropped at a children’s home we were assisting (later to find out it was run by corrupt pastors).  He was quite ill but we provided medical attention for him and the rest of the children. Even as sick as he was he was able to smile when playing on a swing set.

In 2012 he was brought to C4KK where he could receive the love he needed and deserved.  He came hungry and with only the clothes on his back.

2014 he was simply being a kid and enjoying life with his C4KK “family”.

Edward continued to grow stronger each year…and eventually became taller than me!  We are so thankful he has been given this chance to see the love of God through others around him!

In 2016 Edward began living in his first home on a small plot of land which he inherited from his grandfather.

Helping one changes their world, gives hope and provides basic needs.  Will you join us in helping one more?

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