As I sit here drinking a cool glass of water I’m reminded that our friends in Kenya are going through a very difficult drought season.  And according to sources it doesn’t look to be getting any better, any time soon.

Taking a drink of water is sometimes taken for granted, isn’t it?  How about walking miles simply to get that drink of water and then it isn’t clean or sanitary?  Many families are forced to look for unclean, unsafe, unsanitary sources of water for drinking, cooking, cleaning and bathing.  You might say, well, simply boil the water.  Yes that is a method but when you have no shillings to purchase fire wood or charcoal then what do you do?  The little fire wood you have will be used to cook what little food you might have.  It’s a tough choice for many…clean water or eating.

In Luanda, Kenya we have a huge “Yeah God” situation.  With your financial help we have placed not one, but two wells in the area!  People are lining up with wheelbarrows, bringing donkeys to transport 5 liter plastic jugs and even driving lorries with containers to get this clean, sanitary water!

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