Through your donations Saved By God’s Grace pays school fees for over a hundred kids.  Sending a child to school, whether primary or secondary, is not free and many families are unable to come up with fees, let alone supplies like uniform, shoes, books, etc.

We love seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces when they thought their schooling had ended because of fees or lack of supplies, but they are now able to attend school.



But there will always be tears.  When our funds are depleted that means we do not have the means to pay for medicine, fix a roof, pay rent, get someone out of the hospital, serve another meal, or build a house.

These are all things we strive to do with your donations and we thank God when we are able to help another family.

We have faith God will provide for this ministry and what He wants done, but I also believe He works through you and me.

Please consider becoming a monthly supporter.  With your support perhaps one more house could be built, one more plate of food served, one more bed could be purchased, one more bottle of medicine made available, any of which could save the life of that person.

Thank you for your continued prayers and your prayerful consideration in donating.

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