As we here in Phoenix begin the transition into our hot months our thoughts naturally turn to hydration.  Such a vital and necessary part of living yet millions around the world have no access to clean, safe water.  Many have to walk several kilometers to even get to any source of water and much of the time that source is a local watering hole where animals drink (and use as a bathroom), people wash clothes and themselves and it dries up in the dry season.

Some people have said “why don’t they just boil the water for safe drinking?”  Good point but if they only have a few shillings for firewood or charcoal they have to decide whether to use that for cooking the little bit of food they have or using the firewood for boiling water.  It’s a tough choice but one many have to make on a daily basis.

We are so thankful God has allowed Saved By God’s Grace to establish another clean source of water for a village in Kenya…because of your donations!

This gentleman is praying, praising and thanking God for His provision of clean water.

Pregnant women are overjoyed for this source of water which is a closer walk for them.

People were eagerly waiting their turn for this precious commodity which will serve hundreds in this village.

I pray you are seeing the effects your donations are having on families in Kenya.  Through your generous donations we are able to provide water, housing, medical, education and much more to hundreds of widows, orphans, grandparents and caregivers. Please join us by donating on a monthly basis and help us raise the number of people we are able to help.

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