So what are you doing today?  Rushing around town doing errands?  Busy at work?  Meeting play dates with the kids?  I bet most of you have something on your mind other than what you are doing at this moment.


While we are working aren’t we thinking about what we’ll make for dinner or will there even be time for dinner?  How about fitting in that workout?  Life certainly has a way of filling our time with thoughts of what’s next.


This family’s “what next” questions are ‘Will I sleep on the dirt floor again?’ ‘Where will I find food for us to eat tonight?’ ‘With the rainy season upon us how will we stay dry when sleeping on the dirt floor?’

As I mentioned yesterday I love to share the praise stories, but for every situation we are able to assist, we have several we are not able to help due to lack of funds.  This family (widowed mom with 5 children) we’ve had to tell “not yet”.  Can you help us turn that around to a “yes, we can help!”?

For $320 US dollars we can build this family a new roof.  Currently the grass thatched roof is leaking heavily which, as you can imagine, creates quite a mess of the dirt floor…where they sleep each night.

If you are able, please consider donating to help this family sleep under a dry roof.  You can go to our Donate page and select “Benevolence Fund” from the allocation drop down box.  Then simply write “widow’s roof” in the comment section.

Thank you and God bless.

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