Revival Worship Church-Luanda is committed to bringing the love of Jesus Christ to their community and I’m so thankful and blessed to have had the privilege of being a part of that community while in Luanda.  My prayers to you all and I miss you!

God is growing the church too!  Revival Worship Church-Joska is now worshiping and making an impact in Joska!  Saved By God’s Grace and Caring for Kenya’s Kids is thankful for the provision of the building for the church to use.  Be blessed church and keep your eyes on Jesus!

Recently at Revival Worship Church-Luanda they had a leadership development seminar.  This was open to the community and those attending included county administrators, chiefs, teachers, businessmen and church leaders from different denominations.  Isn’t that awesome!?

This church and it’s leaders are on fire for Jesus and love telling others about Him.  Praying God continues to bless them and they may keep focused on the true love of Jesus Christ.

And what can I say about the youth at Revival Worship Church!?  Only that they are some of the most energetic, fun-loving, passionate for Christ young adults I have met in a long time.  Their energy is contagious and they blessed the attendees of the seminar during lunch one day.

Interested in worship at Revival Worship Church…up close and personal!?  It’s never too early to start talking about visiting Kenya.  God willing, Chuck and I will be returning sometime 2018 and we’d love to talk with you about visiting.  Feel free to contact us through any of the social media avenues or here on our website.

Even if you aren’t able to visit you can still be a part of spreading the Gospel of Jesus, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, sheltering the homeless, educating the youth and bring hope to our neighbors in Kenya by becoming a donor to this ministry.  Simply visit our Donate page and follow the online donation button to start today.

And on a personal note, thank you for your prayers for my sciatica.  Today was the first time I could actually sit with no pain..praise God!  I’m not pushing it but I’m still icing and taking it easy, I definitely do NOT want that pain again.

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