Ugh!  Last Wednesday something happened to my sciatica and I’ve almost literally been on my back since.  Ice on for 20 minutes for the past few days as well and walking when I can….because I can’t sit.  But I decided to get my laptop out and attempt to lay in bed and get a blog post out.  So far so good 🙂

However, it’s not the most comfortable position so I’ll make it quick.

Grandma Ruth received a new roof

Jigger treatments continue

We helped a young mom out of hospital prison by paying her hospital bill.

So as you see even when I’m not able to update you the ministry continues in Kenya.  Thank you for helping us give hope, love and daily necessities to our neighbors.  And just to put a little bug in your ear….school will be starting in May and we could use your help with school fees.  Donating to Saved By God’s Grace is easy and you can help send more kids to school this coming up term!

Thank you and have a blessed week.

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