What a blessing to have fellow workers for Christ as part of this ministry.  We have been blessed, and continue to be blessed, to have Peter as one of those.  Peter has been with Caring for Kenya’s Kids (C4KK, a ministry in Kenya supported by Saved By God’s Grace, SBGG) for several years, working with our children in various areas of living.  He loves the Lord and loves serving the children of Kenya.

I would personally like to say a big THANK YOU for his service and dedication and ask you to pray for his continued strength in being the hands and feet of Jesus to the children he works with.

Peter is intricately involved with his local church as well.  He gathers donated items (bar of soap, rice, flour, etc.) and organizes for those in need to receive them.  C4KK and SBGG, through your donations, have also purchased items to be distributed, paid for school fees and much more.

During the school break in April C4KK hosted tutoring for students.  This was held at the mission home located in Joska and children from the area along with children who previously lived at C4KK were involved.  Peter said the kids brought up the idea to plant banana trees and they all pitched in to help.  Thank you kids…I love you and miss you!

It was good to see the children’s home being utilized for tutoring and watching the kids prepare dinner, it brought back many fond memories for me!  Thank you Peter for facilitating this and for the photos!



Again I would like to thank Peter for being a steadfast friend and my Kenyan brother.  Someone we can rely on to get the job done when it comes to any issue with the kids.  May you be blessed in your service and may the Lord fill your life with joy, even through struggles and tribulations.

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