Our friend Ben is a faithful servant of God and he walks the slums of Nakuru, Kenya on a daily basis.  Throughout his day he will minister to several people, some on a regular basis and others in an emergency situation.  Since those living in the slum know Ben they will bring individuals who are in desperate need to his attention and request assistance.

A mother and her five children aged 14 yrs and below. The children are out of school because their mom who is very weak, maybe from sickness and lack of food, cannot afford to pay the [fees] needed by school for them to continue learning. To make matters worse the mother is expectant and her due date is by the end of this month. They lost their father and husband early this year and since then their lives have never been the same again. They live in a one roomed house with a single mattress and one blanket. Sometimes they sleep empty (meaning they go to bed hungry).

We are asking for your help.  $750 will supply uniforms and school shoes for the children, school fees, blankets, mattresses, a bunk bed, washing buckets and food.

Whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated.  Please visit our donate page to donate online and write “family of five” in the comment section.  Thank you and God bless.

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