So much continues to happen in Kenya and it’s thanks to your generous donations…..

Mattresses for a needy family.

Its always a blessing to be a blessing to others. Here we bought beds, mattresses, blankets, food etc to this family and they were very grateful. We were also able to pay school fees for all the five children from this household.

Girls like Mercy would have never seen the inside of a classroom, but because you gave she has all she needs from school uniforms, books, school fees paid etc.

Our boys are doing their best in school. Yes there is hope.

With your support we are able to reach out to many out there in need of shelter, food, medical assistance, detergents etc.

A bright needy boy is able to continue with his education because someone gave. Yes there is HOPE!

I am glad that God has given us the privilege of helping many bright, but needy students from the slums where we work go to school. The children we support are the best in their respective classes always amongst the top students. I am so glad someone gave so that they can be in school.

Through your donations much has been accomplished and this is only a small sampling of what continues to be done on a daily basis.  My prayer is you will see how very much your assistance is blessing widows and orphans in Kenya.  Please consider becoming a monthly partner with us as we show the love of Jesus Christ through action.

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