Chuck and I were just talking the other day about how fast time goes.  It’s hard to imagine, but my kids in Kenya are growing up so fast, some are now in college!

We recently offered tutoring at C4KK and it was a big success (thank you Peter for facilitating).  Kids who lived here at C4KK attended along with children from the area.  Therefore, in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m bragging about my kids in Kenya…since I often take the opportunity here to tell my kids how very much I love them and am proud of them.  That is something I am extremely grateful for, thank you Father!

To all of my kids in Kenya, from Mum Tammy….I love you and pray for God’s continued blessing and guidance in your lives.

Anyway without further mushy stuff 😉 here’s a few photos (to show how much they’ve grown) and excerpts from letters the kids wrote.

Here’s the group of kids who joined us for tutoring.  Many had written saying how much they got out of the tutoring and how appreciative they were to have this opportunity.  For 4 weeks of tutoring, which included teachers salary, food for those staying on the compound and supplies it was $800.  We are praying this can be an on-going project for the kids during school breaks (April, August, December).  If you would like to assist in this educational avenue please visit our Donate page and write “tutoring” in the comment section.

Or perhaps you’d be interested in helping, on the ground, during a tutoring session.  If so, please contact us and we can begin that conversation!

Frank is in Form 3 (11th grade).  His last term in 10th grade he received a grade of C.  He is such a fun loving kid and can stop you from being upset with him just by flashing his bright smile!

Letter from Pius

Naomi is in Form 2 (10th grade) and her last term of 9th grade she received a grade of C.  This girl speaks her mind and can preach the Word of God!  She took the initiative to plant her own vegetables while living at C4KK and we all benefited from her harvest.

Letter from Mercy

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