Through one of our food programs in Kenya, Comfort Self Help (otherwise known as “Bible & Beans”), grandmothers are being given food to last them a few days.  On the one day a month they meet they are also given a hot meal to share and are taught valuable lessons from the Bible (forgiveness, love, saving faith, to name a few).  They are seeing the love of God through food (Jesus did this too, for one example check out Matthew 14:13-21) .

Many of the elderly in this program are reduced to begging for food the remainder of the month and many walk for miles to participate and receive their food.

We would love to expand this ministry.

If enough people sign up to donate monthly to this program we can begin to either meet with them more than once a month or give them more food to last longer into the month.  For a total of $350 monthly this can happen by God’s grace!

Can you gather 10 friends to each contribute $35 a month or 20 friends at $17.50 a month?  You’d not only be feeding the elderly but also showing them how very much they are loved.

Now on the lighter side of news…..

Revival Worship Church-Joska meets at C4KK and is utilizing various areas of the compound for service, Bible study, Sunday School classes and much more.

This is a current set up for a class.

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