This is right inside their house but it looks as if it’s outside.

When it rains they all have to cling to each other in one corner of their house be it day or night until the rain stops.

The children. They are not attending school, but I am not going to mention about their schooling because it should be free, but for some reasons the school nearby did not admit them.

I know God will remember them.

Unfortunately this type of situation is a daily occurrence in Kenya.

Kids should be in school but many families are unable to pay the fees the school requires.

Sleeping under a roof which keeps rain off of you should be expected.

Getting a good nights sleep in a bed, instead of sleeping on a dirt floor, should be normal.

Saved By God’s Grace faces these situations regularly and we look to you for provision in order to build homes, fix roofs, buy beds and pay school fees.  If you have a specific area where you feel lead to assist please feel free to contact us for costs.  Or you can go directly to our Donate Page to give online…any amount can and will help!

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