Chuck and I made it back to our hometown of Midland, MI this past Monday.  It was an uneventful drive, thank you Lord!

We saw some beautiful sites, including the Grand Canyon and Sedona with our daughter Tarrin and the site of a meteor crater.  Our palates were satisfied with local flavors and we walked several miles in various rest stops 🙂

Once home I got to meet Riley and Dakota (2 dogs my mom is babysitting) which made me miss our puppies (both in Kenya and Arizona).

We are attempting to settle in and I’m beginning to rock the big hair of the 80’s due to the high humidity here!

For any of our friends, relatives and/or supporters, our calendar is open for presentations, visits, coffee, lunch, dinner or simply sitting down to chat…please reach out and set something up!

We certainly appreciate all of your prayers for our travel and our stay here in Michigan, the Lord blessed us with easy travel and beautiful weather.  Please give me a call or email and let’s get together!

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