You know what?  I never get tired of seeing grandmothers getting food from one of our food programs. I never get tired of the blessing of knowing these beautiful grandmothers are receiving not only physical food but spiritual food as well.  I never get tired of praying for this program and the others we have in Kenya.  I never get tired of sharing those stories with you.

I also never get tired of seeing the smiles on faces of those who are provided a new home or roof.  Here grandma Grace puts the final touches on the mud wall.  She also accepted Christ this same day as our volunteers prayed with and for her…that deserves a big YEAH GOD!  I never get tired of hearing those accounts either!

And for a little “coolness” from Kenya!  As we are hitting high summer it’s winter in Kenya and this is what our Kenyan friends found on the 4th of July!

Please consider joining us in helping widows and orphans in Kenya, Africa.  You’ll be assisting in someones life with food, housing, medical, education and an opportunity of hearing Jesus’ message of grace, hope and salvation.

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