Living in Kenya for 5 years (ministering there for over 11 years) and seeing the extreme poverty doesn’t make it any less shocking to see the living conditions of some.  Knowing that God is working through Saved By God’s Grace to bring hope and comfort and yes, even salvation, to those who are brought into our path is such a blessing.  Having my heart wretch with each story, each picture, each video draws me a bit closer to our Heavenly Father….and a prayer that He uses me to bring His love to those in need.

These children have lost both parents and are left to fend for themselves.  Joseck, C4KK coordinator in Luanda, Kenya, made a surprise visit with some food items.

Kennedy Bahati, translated as Kennedy Good Luck, is the youngest and therefore confused why life seems so difficult.

Can you help us financially to assist more families, widows and orphans, like Kennedy, with food, housing, education, medical and showing them the love of God through that assistance?  Please visit our Donate page to set up your contribution today.

Thank you and God bless.

Once we have some news of the election from our friends I will be sure and pass that along.  So far we have not heard of any trouble concerning our friends….please continue to pray for peace in Kenya.

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