Here in the US could you ever imagine that the cost of food would affect your ability to send your child to school?  Food prices in Kenya have risen dramatically, in part because of the recent political situation in Kenya.

Let me give you a very brief breakdown of what we typically see for school fees.  The school will front load fees so you are paying the majority of the fees in the first term, then the second term is a bit less and the third term is much smaller.  Now there are exceptions to this rule but basically this is what we’ve come to expect and budget for school fees.

This year however schools have increased fees so much that the third term fees are now just as much as first term and we are unable to cover everyone’s school fees (no new children have been added, these are the children we have been helping since the beginning of the year).

Third term fees came up to 1 million shillings ($10,000) and we have half of that.  Any help you can give would be appreciated and as funds come in we will assist those children getting back to school as soon as possible.

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