Much continues to be accomplished in Kenya and it’s thanks to you, our generous donors.  God continually provides through you and we are grateful and blessed to be partners with you in this ministry.

Another home was repaired, unfortunately I only have the before pictures here but mom and kids are now living in a home with a repaired roof and new doors and windows!

Joseck continues the work on jigger treatments.  Feet and hands are disfigured by these nasty parasites and children are shunned and told they are cursed.  But as we treat individuals they are regaining the use of their hands and feet once again.

Your financial donations help us bring hope and love and physical assistance to those who are hurting, lost and suffering.  Please consider becoming a contributor to this ministry through a monthly commitment.  Those funds will be used to build/repair homes, treat those with jiggers, feed elderly grandparents and so much more.  Thank you and God bless.

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