We were out of town this past week and saw some pretty wonderful sites for which I’m thankful.  But I have been getting a little frustrated with worldly stuff…namely my phone.  It died and I haven’t been able to get it working again, so now I’m frustrated with figuring out should I get a phone or try to get this one fixed or what.  I know, I know, this is such a small matter and it shouldn’t get to me but it does.

So if anyone has text me or called me…sorry I haven’t been able to get to those.  Ugh, I hate that this bugs me as much as it does, sorry.

Anyway one of the things we saw was a beautiful church (this was before my phone died).  We also visited the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter (sorry no photos due to no phone).  The Ark Encounter was great and if you get a chance it’s something worth seeing.

Now onto some Kenya stuff 🙂

The C4KK (Caring for Kenya’s Kids) facility in Kenya has been getting quite a bit of use during school breaks.  We’ve had tutoring the past few breaks and it’s been going very well.

Always nice to see some volleyball being played once again on the compound!

Looks like a little porridge before getting down to studying!

Makes my heart happy to see kids being educated!

Kids and water….you can’t stop them from having a little fun, and I wouldn’t want to either!

I have to give a shout out to Peter, C4KK social worker, for organizing the tutoring at C4KK.  He works tirelessly beforehand organizing and during to get the kids, teachers and helpers all working together.  It’s been a success and we are so blessed to be a part of this community helping the students in their educational process.

Please consider becoming a financial partner with us so we can add more kids to the tutoring program, or if another of our programs peeks your interest please join us in that endeavor.  Either way it’s really very simple to get started…visit our Donate page and begin your contribution today!

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