Oh what joy it brings me and our team at Saved By God’s Grace to see hope rising in the hearts of people.  This ministry solely works by the grace of God through your financial support.  When support declines that means we can’t build another home, give medical attention to a child or food for a grandmother.

As I’ve mentioned before, we know we can’t help everyone, but with your assistance we are changing the lives of many living in hopeless situations.  This is done by extending a helping hand, providing food or shelter and showing them the love of Christ through those actions.

It’s extremely difficult to have to say no to a widow or orphan when we simply do not have funds to help.  We are asking for your help….if you are able to become a monthly financial partner with us please take that step to set up your partnership today.  If that’s not a possibility perhaps a one time gift.  Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be used for God’s glory in helping individuals in desperate need.

We would also ask that you keep this ministry in prayer and tell others about Saved By God’s Grace.  We have brochures describing the various outreach ministries we work in and if you would like a few to hand out please contact us.  Chuck and I are also open to sharing this ministry with your group, family or friends.  God impressed it on my heart, when this ministry began, to tell people about the ministry and He would bring the provision.  That’s what I’m doing…telling and asking for your help.  May God bless you and we thank you for your support.

In a previous blog post I showed you the living conditions of a particular family.  Monica and her children were living in terrible conditions but with your help they are receiving a new home!  Here’s a short, 1 minute video of the construction process thus far.

To see a family receive a blessing like this brings joy to an entire community.  They wonder who would do this and our team is able to tell them it’s all because of the love of Christ!  Thank you for being a part of that blessing.

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