Things have been pretty busy with us here in the States so I’m sorry for not getting a blog post out sooner.  Chuck and I, along with my mom, drove down to Georgia to visit my sister and help her with her new home.  While in the area we were blessed to be able to visit a supporter of Saved By God’s Grace.

Our friends in Kenya have been seeing some strange weather this past month, from heavy rains to hail!

But throughout the month our friends and fellow workers have been busy reaching out to those in need.  The church continues to work within their community, talking with neighbors about the love of Jesus and showing His love through actions.

Children and adults alike have come to accept the saving message of Jesus’ sacrifice and Heaven is rejoicing!

Sharing a meal with families after a Sunday service

Joseck talks with young children about Jesus and many tell him “I want Jesus!”

A meal shared by the church in Luanda

With your assistance a few more students have been able to return to school with their fees paid.  Since education in Kenya is not free school fees are always on our list of requests for help.

Food has been provided to elderly.  They also received a hot meal along with Bible study and companionship with each other.

Mom and her child sleep on the cold, concrete floor with only a thin blanket to keep them covered.

Those in Kenya who help Saved By God’s Grace by walking among their neighbors are constantly told of situations.  These run from families not having food, run down or collapsed houses, people who are bedridden due to illness or hunger, children who are unable to attend school due to inability to pay school fees, adults and children who have lost the ability to walk because of jiggers, mothers desperate to have their child sleep in a bed instead of on a dirt floor, those who are thirsty.

Sometimes I know it’s hard to imagine these situations actually exist but they are real and happening every…single….day.  With your financial support we are able to assist one more person get food, medical attention, bedding, and an education.  More importantly, however, they are shown how very much God loves them through those acts of support and more rejoicing with be seen!

Please consider becoming a partner with us here at Saved By God’s Grace as we reach out in love to those in need.

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