Doing this thing called life and ministry isn’t done alone.  Connecting with others and meeting new friends, along with existing friends like Charlotte in the above photo (this was taken in Kenya a few years ago) has been part of our week, which all bring me closer to God and reminds me I’m not alone in this.

We were at the International Conference of Missions (ICOM) this past week and without trying to sound out there…it was fantastic!  The first few days were dedicated to missionaries only where we could get together with others working in the trenches, relay stories, give/get encouragement and basically say “yup, we understand” and knowing they do understand on a deeper level.

Not only did I hear “oh I feel that way too”, which helps me not feel alone, but I learned a few things as well.  God wants me to continually do small things with great love (I believe Mother Theresa said that) right in my own backyard while we are in the States.  Ministry doesn’t stop for a Kenyan missionary just because you are not in Kenya.  We are in daily contact with our friends and volunteers in Kenya getting updates on who needs what and when, then getting that information out to you.

Whatever ministry you are involved in I would encourage you to talk with others who do similar things.  During ICOM it was such a blessing to see how God is working throughout the world and knowing we are all striving to seek God’s will for ourselves and the ministries we work with.  When I talked and prayed with others I definitely felt part of something bigger and reminded that wherever ministry takes me God will be the cornerstone and I won’t be alone.

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