Watching the young people in Kenya learn about their country and wanting to make it a better place is one of the many blessings we receive.

While the political atmosphere is unsettled our volunteers at Caring for Kenya’s Kids-C4KK (this is Saved By God’s Grace ministry on the ground in Kenya) continue teaching through action and example.

Peter, social worker for C4KK, has organized another tutoring session to be held on the grounds of C4KK.  Not only are the kids getting an education with books, but with their hands as well.  They are planting various crops of beans, green grams and maize.

This is an important part of education as it teaches them they can have food security by harvesting their own food.  A few of the kids are those who lived at C4KK for several years so this is sort of a homecoming for them!  Ben is taking the lead with his “team” of workers which include his sister Esther along with Pius and Isaac.

I’m so proud of them and grateful for Peter’s willingness and ability to bring this together.

Please keep the country of Kenya in your prayers for stability and those in leadership will seek God’s direction for their country.

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