Many of you may already know what Saved By God’s Grace does in Kenya, Africa but for others they are just getting to know us.  We were given the opportunity to introduce this ministry to hundreds, perhaps thousands of individuals through Storymakers.  This is an online contest for various ministries to win cash for their ministry through video, pictures or written word.

I’ve put together a short video showcasing the medical aspect of Saved By God’s Grace and I’m asking for your vote!

By clicking this LINK you will be taken to our entry, listed at the top left of the page, looking something like this….


Story Caption: Medical assistance is given in Kenya, Africa
Organization: Saved By God’s Grace


At the bottom of the entry you will see a blue box with a circle in it.  Simply click on that circle and you will have voted.  Please be careful when scrolling through the page because this is a sensitive circle!  You can vote every 24 hours so be prepared for more reminders from me on this!

There’s also a share button, please share this to as many friends, family, groups, etc. you can.  The more people who see this the more awareness is given for the ministry.  It would also be pretty cool to win some cash for the ministry!

Thank you in advance for your support.

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