Education is such an important part of many children’s lives, yet in a country like Kenya many are unable to join their classmates because their family (normally a single parent household, or even a child head of household) is unable to come up with necessary fees and/or uniform costs.

Saved By God’s Grace has several students who have been with us for years and your support has helped them through primary and secondary schooling.  Sometimes a supporter is unable to continue their financial assistance and that leaves the ministry under additional pressure to come up with those funds.  Getting to the point….other outreaches will suffer because funds will be taken from them to cover education.

So what am I asking?  We are looking for someone to assist a student who is graduating from primary school and heading to secondary.  This student has been at the top of his class throughout his primary schooling.  I know Isaac personally and he is a very bright kid and I pray he will go on to do good things for his country.

What will it take to get him through school?  A commitment of $70 a month will help us off set his school fees and allow other outreaches to continue.

Since he will be joining a boarding school he will also need items purchased for living at school.  This includes, but isn’t limited to, mattress, blankets, soap, school uniform, toiletries, text books, etc.  A one time donation of $500 would cover his shopping and assist with his education without affecting our other programs (grandmothers food program, jigger treatments, etc.)

The stress to a child of not knowing for certain if he will be able to continue with his education can be quite tremendous and we would love to be able to confidently tell this student his schooling will be covered.

If you are led to assist in any way please visit our donation page.  Choose “Child Education” from the allocation drop down box and write “Isaac” in the comment section.  God bless and thank you for your help.

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