Your financial support is bringing relief to hundreds who are suffering from jiggers. What are jiggers?  Here is a news article explaining what they are and how they must be removed.  Warning!  This article contains graphic photos and video of the devastation which can occur from jiggers.

With your help we have treated hundreds from this infestation and continue treating people afflicted by this horrible parasite.  Want to know an easy way to financially support this ministry?  By signing up for Amazon Smile!  What is Amazon Smile?  Well, it’s the same Amazon you already use but you get to choose a ministry to support with your purchases.  Picking Saved By God’s Grace and doing your regular shopping Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to this ministry and in turn you’ll be supporting the eradication of jiggers in many individuals.

Many times we host jigger treatments at schools, which allow our volunteers to treat as many children as possible.  It usually takes all day since additional children come for treatment along with several adults.  No one is turned away from treatment.

Jiggers begin with a small speck, normally on the foot or hand.  People have told us they itch terribly but because of lack of education about jiggers, sometimes they are considered a curse, they do not seek medical attention.  If left alone they will continue to infect the area and this can lead to lose of toes or fingers, amputation or even death.

Treatment begins with soaking the feet or hands in a bicarbonate solution.  Then the jiggers are removed with the use of a scalpel.  It’s bloody work and can be painful but once all the jiggers are removed and the foot/hand heals people are able to walk again and use their hands!

This gentleman, Okemi, was so badly infected by jiggers on his feet that he was reduced to crawling to their outdoor toilet. He also had to crawl to their water source, a small creek down the hill from his home, and push the plastic container of water back up the hill, all on his hands and knees.  At one point he asked Chuck to cut off his feet, he thought that would be better than living with the pain and stigma of jiggers.

But after his treatment and his feet healed he was able to walk again and his smile says all the thanks we could ever want!

You see, your support is helping people be healed from jiggers.  Please add us to your Amazon Smile today and be a part of healing people in Kenya.

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