Since it is officially 2017 for another 24 hours or so there’s still time to get your year end contribution into Saved By God’s Grace.  It’s really very simple!  Click HERE and you will be directed to our secure, online donation site.  Simply fill out the information and you’re done!  An electronic receipt will be sent to you (to the email you provide).  Easy, right!?

The beginning of 2018 (as the beginning of any year) will be stressful for the ministry as we attempt to get as many children as we can into school.  Your contributions of course will be directed to whichever allocation you choose (Benevolence, Child Education, John 10:10 church, missionary support or other – descriptions are listed at the donate site), we are simply letting you know of this educational need.

Thank you for all your support in 2017 and we pray you are blessed fully by God’s love in this coming year!

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