By adding Saved By God’s Grace to your Amazon Smile you can help a child in Kenya receive an education.  Although Kenya declares free primary education, we continually pay various “fees” for primary school.  Then when a student graduates to secondary (high school) the fees increase substantially.

Your support through Amazon Smile helps us bring smiles to the faces of children who have either been kicked out of school because their family can not pay the fees or have not be able to attend school at all due to lack of fees.

Many families (either child head of household, single mothers or even grandparents taking care of grandchildren) are unable to come up with the necessary fees and therefore the child is left at home to work in the shamba (garden) or various chores around the home.

It may be hard to imagine how happy a child is when they are permitted to finally attend school!  We’ve worked with several students who have been the first in their clan (basically a large extended family) to finish primary and go on to secondary.  With your support, changes for the better can be made in the country of Kenya through these students.

With your support we’ve been able to put hundreds of kids back into school and bring a smile to their faces!

Please join us by adding Saved By God’s Grace to your Amazon Smile and helping students receive an education.

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