A 20 year old, who is attempting to support her siblings, is in need of a new home.  Her current home is literally falling apart with holes in the roof and walls crumbling.  The term “child head of household” isn’t heard much here in the States, but in Kenya it’s a term used all too often.  This 20 year old, Kadogo, is considered the child head of household to her 5 siblings; Alice is 12, Kerry and Rina are 5, Shanice is 6 and the youngest is brother Leonard at 3.

Kadogo’s parents and grandparents are all gone and she sells bananas and vegetables in order to feed her family.  Skimping by with what little money she can earn goes towards food, leaving nothing to rebuild their home.

Here’s a look at their living conditions….

Imagine selling vegetables all day, struggling for a few shillings to buy additional food for your family, only to come home to a house which has walls falling apart, holes in the tin roof allowing rain to cover the dirt floor and then cooking your small meal outside.

In order to get a sturdy, secure home built would be $1000 (USD).  Please consider helping Kadogo and her siblings with this necessity so she can rest easier knowing they are safe in a home that will continue to stand strong.  Any help would be appreciated and you can do that at our secure, online donation site.  Simply choose “Benevolence Fund” under the allocation drop down box and write “Kadogo’s home” in the comment section.

Thank you for your continued financial and prayerful support.

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