Kenyan kids are getting ready to go back to school for the new school year and that means fees will be due.  This is a stressful time for so many students because they are just unsure if their dad, mom, sibling or grandparent will be able to come up with the necessary costs.  Saved By God’s Grace attempts to pay as many school fees as we can and currently we are about $2,000 short in getting our kids back into school.

We could go back and forth about how terrible the system is there but in the end it’s the system we have to work with and these kids need and want an education.  And maybe with their education they will eventually make the system better…that’s my prayer!

It saddens me to know that numerous students will not be attending school this term simply because of fees but with your help we can give many the opportunity.

Our outreach for education depends on your generosity and we are asking for your help.  Anything you can give will be helpful and appreciated.

Please visit our donate page to contribute safely and securely online.  Thank you for your prayerful consideration in this matter.  May you be blessed knowing your financial assistance is showing the love of God to many in Kenya.

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