Knowing about the situations of the poor and needy gives each of us the opportunity to show them love.  Saved By God’s Grace does this by providing basic needs to widows, orphans and elderly in Kenya.  Through your support of this ministry you are offering a chance of hope without being “boots on the ground” missionaries.  By becoming a financial partner with us you can be a part of missions and see the change in a persons life by providing a basic need.

Because of your generous support this is what’s been happening lately through Saved By God’s Grace….

Jiggers are being treated at local schools in areas of Kenya where the parasite is most prevalent.  Children and adults alike are treated and finally able to walk or use their hands once again.

Grandparents are receiving a hot meal, scripture study, encouragement and food items to take home.  Many of these grandparents are taking care of grandchildren too so the foodstuff they receive helps the entire family.

We would love to provide more than a few days worth of food to these grandparents but lack of adequate finances prevents that at this time.

Homes are built or repaired for those in desperate need of safe, secure shelter.  We rely on our Kenyan volunteers to provide the labor and our donors supply much of the finances for the materials needed.

As a friendly reminder Chuck and I are open to speaking engagements while we are in Phoenix so if you know of anyone who may be interested in hearing about this ministry please contact us.  We are so thankful God has granted us time here to enjoy our friends and family and we’d love to spend some time with you!

Watch this space for an update and photos on an exciting, successful fundraiser put on by Desert Breeze Community Church in Phoenix, Arizona.  Through that we are supplying chickens, school uniforms, blankets, beds, goats, jigger treatments and even a well!

All of us at Saved By God’s Grace thank you for generously supporting this ministry.  Your assistance continues the work in Kenya and many are hearing the saving message of Jesus.  Please consider joining with us as we provide food, educational needs, medical care, shelter and more to our fellow brothers and sisters in Kenya.

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