Do you love progress reports?  How about success stories?  Well we have both rolled up into one beautiful, God praising story!

We met Veronica before her treatments began and you could see the depression in her face.  I can’t say we heard it in her voice because she didn’t talk much to us and what she did say was unintelligible.  The jiggers had literally sucked the life out of her, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Saved By God’s Grace, through Caring for Kenya’s Kids, began helping and treating Veronica and as you can see, the change is miraculous.

Mission field report from Kenya:

This lady is called Veronica.

For six years,she had been reduced to a crawling human being by jiggers and couldn’t do anything for herself and children too.

In 2012 we started treating her and paid a physiotherapist to work on her.

Today she is completely healed and lives a normal life. The husband who had abundoned her with seven kids has since returned after six years of rejection and abandonment.

To God be the glory.

This was the condition of Veronica’s feet, infested with jiggers and unable to walk.

Crawling was the only way for her to get around because of the horrible condition of her feet and legs, which had atrophied due to not being able to walk.

Veronica and her family receives food assistance and she is able to walk home with the food she receives.

Simply seeing Veronica on her feet deserves a big Yeah God!

You are a part of this success story and we thank God for your support.  With your generous giving we continue treating jiggers and we pray that work can and will continue.

Please consider joining us today in becoming a financial partner.  It only takes a few moments to set up your contribution online and your gifts will begin helping widows and orphans in Kenya.

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